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Consultation with an Opioid Free Anesthesia Expert 
  • Hospitals
  • Surgery Centers 
  • Anesthesia Groups
Available Consultant(s): 
Wendy Morley, CRNA 
Morley's Pocket Guide to Opioid Free Anesthesia
© 2023

On-site evaluations of current practices including current anesthesia intraoperative opioid use practices, anesthesia and surgical local anesthetic use and block practices, anesthesia post-operative order practices, surgeon opioid order practices, pharmacy practices and recovery room opioid use practices. Once adequate data is obtained a personalized written evaluation will be provided to the client with recommendations for needed changes to standard order sets, anesthesia standard practices, pharmacy formularies, and recovery room standard practices. Additionally, facility personalized in-person staff education courses can be provided on opioid free anesthesia recommendations and scheduled for anesthesia providers, surgeons, recovery room staff or joint sessions for all staff (smaller hospitals/surgery centers). Number of educational sessions provided is dependent on staff availability and facility conference room sizes.   Please note this service REQUIRES PRE-AUTHERIZATION by all involved facility departments to ensure consultant has access to paper and/or computer charts and facility drug formularies during consultation and appropriate staff availability /attendance for educational courses. Consultants are practicing anesthesia professionals with clean background records and HIPPA training but may not be licensed in your state. Therefore, consults will NOT provide anesthesia services/ direct patient care during the consultation. Once Consultation is booked online a consultant will contact the client to discuss recommended number of consecutive days for the evaluation and consultation process. A down payment for one day minimum is required to schedule. Additional days can be billed by invoice. Please contact us to ensure date availability before booking your consultation.

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